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IPQ IP Specialist AB – The fastest growing IP Law firm in Sweden.

Nominated twice as Gazelle Company by newspaper Dagens Industri.
Awarded as the Super Company of the magazine Business Week.


”NellPat releases creativity and growth.”

Thomas Randes
CEO of IPQ IP Specialist AB

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Mindmap IPR AB has been cooperating with Nellpat AB since mid 2006 and we are very satisfied with their work. High quality, very flexible and customer oriented, competent within all aspects of IP administration and cost efficient. An extra plus is the digitalization of all documents relating to our customers IP portfolios and the cloud services that are available, enabling easy and complete access to all pertinent information both for us and for our customers. We can really recommend Nellpat if you are looking for high quality IP administration services.

Erik Bergström
European Patent Attorney
Mindmap IPR AB


One of the basic elements in the business platform of Westpatent is to minimize client expenses by offering a lean administration organization. One example of this is that the client in cooperation with us can choose to delete communications and information that the client finds hard to understand and even unnecessary and thus not worth the money spend.Our consultants have the goal to in cooperation and mutual understanding with the client agree on what Westpatent is supposed to do and not to do in the client cases, especially concerning administration, and thus define what administrative work the client expects us to do and not.

Still, some administrative work is necessary, and then it is more effective to use staff that is specially trained for administrative work than are the IP-consultants. The administrative organization of the fast growing Westpatent is minimized and thus has reached a point where it is too small for the growing administrative work, and for that reason we decided to use NellPat as our administrative partner, NellPat being a specialized company with a size, big enough to be a safe partner.

In NellPat we have found a Partner which is acting rapidly and effective to expressed client needs and knows what the clients feel is worth the money and in the end gives the client and Westpatent full satisfaction.

Gunnar Bergquist
European Patent Attorney
Partner, Westpatent AB