We are a one-stop IP service provider that delivers quality, efficiency and value.

NellPat makes IP administration easy, time saving and cost-effective. Supported by a league of experienced IP administration experts and our state of the art IP portfolio management system, Nellpat is your one-stop service partner for handling IP administration customized to your budget and your needs.

With commitment and quality we create IP solutions that are flexible, reliable and easy to access. Our IP portfolio management tool allows you to access your IP portfolio anytime and anywhere.  Now you can even review your cases, respond to our recommendations, receive notifications of deadline, make inquiries and communicate with our IP administrators through our app for your smart phone or tablet when you are on the go!  We understand the importance of your work – this is why we are here to help you do what you do best.

Do like IPQ, twice nominated gazelle company, or Metso, a leading corporation in the paper industry – let Nellpat handle your IP administration at ease.  We ensure availability and support to you and your clients.

We at Nellpat believe that a personal commitment is crucial for a successful collaboration and delivery of quality IP services.  When IP administration issues should arise that requires an IP assistant, Nellpat can step forward with both resources and commitment. We strive to meet the growing IP administration needs around the globe with our highest quality IP services.

Our mission is to give our customers a competitive edge by taking care of their IP administration needs at best value. We benefit from having our main office situated in Uddeholm which is a rural village with a long tradition of IP management and administration through the well-known steel company Uddeholm which had its main office there until 1976. Therefore, this formed the cradle for Hynell Patenttjänst AB and the successful development of NellPat AB. The long tradition has made our competence and experience high while keeping operation cost low. Compared to other IP firms located in high cost cities like London or Munich, we can help you or your clients make substantial savings in the budget!